Johanna Lielacher

explore. develop. unfold.

Animation zeigt mein Kredo: explore. develop. unfold.

Hi, I’m Johanna,
a UX/UI designer based in
Vienna, Austria.

Since the age of fourteen I’m constantly following my passion for design. Which led me across various disciplines and inspired my independent and sustainable design approach.

With a diverse background in freelance, in-house, and agency work, I have developed a skillset prioritizing industry best practices to create solutions for high-complexity problems that meet the needs of both users and businesses. With a rich bank of methods at my disposal and a focus on design principles, I’m committed to developing user-centered solutions.

Collaboration is a key strength of mine, as I am a strong communicator and enjoy working closely with stakeholders and developers. My natural curiosity drives me to explore new areas such as DesignOps, where I am currently working on recruiting talents and optimising processes for more efficiency.